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    C++ to C?

    It was my 26th yesterday! yay! Anyway, I got given a book on C programing from my uncle and at the end of the book it says this:

    Now you have finished this book, learn more about C. It is the most powerful and muti-used language avalible.

    I am not really going to use the book as I have been learning C++ for two years now anyway. What do you think of the statement? If anything i think C++ is most efficent language to date, Not C.

    On another note, looking at two seperate samplesm you cab see why C++ is better!

    code in C:

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main()
    printf("Hello World");
    I think doing the same statement in C++ looks better anyway. I wonder why the book example shown above only uses return and not return 0?

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    1) congrats
    2) most books say something similar about the language they teach. I've seen something like that in a VB book once (yes, I once got one from an employer who wanted me to learn it, after reading the book I told them what to do with it)
    3) define "efficient". For some definitions of efficient you may be right, for some others certainly not.
    4) this saves 2 keystrokes, much more efficient than typing "return 0;"

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    In some cases, working with c is a better option than c++.
    usually in systems level programming it's a c and assembler mix.
    for user space programs, c++ is more commonly used, the extra features make c++ more usefull here.

    in a kernel, or basic system tool, the fact that c doesn't have all the features of c++ makes it the better language.
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    Stricly speaking, you could say that all Turing-complete languages are equally powerful. That includes even languages like Brain.........

    Practically, though, that's absurd. In reality, C and C++ are about equally powerful - but it's usually less work with C++ to achieve the same, with better reliability and fewer chances for errors.
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    I don't pretent to be a genius in programming, but I prefer C++ ... also your profile says your birthday is "September 4, 1980" ... is today the fifth of september?? NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    I think this is the most powerful language: Best Language Ever!

    as a review: An eight instruction computer language


    Unfortunately there seems to be a bad word in the url... so it's edited ....



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