Thread: Arrays with very large Indices

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    Arrays with very large Indices

    I am working on a simulation program that requires a large amount of variables in an array, such as:

    int Testp = 64;
    int taustp = 4096;
    float *sigma = new float[(Testp+1)*(taustp+1)*sizeof(float)];

    and then when I assign sigma later, I get a Segmentation Fault. This only happens when my index reaches about 16,000. Do I need to declare my indices somehow as a Long?

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    No idea about the segmentation fault, beyond that int definitiely suffices for 16000, but you new[] calculates the element size on its own - you're currently allocating sizeof(float) (usually 4) times the space you intended.

    Can you post the code that actually segfaults?
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    Perhaps you're using some crappy old 16-bit DOS compiler which limits the amount of any single allocation to 64K.

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    >float *sigma = new float[(Testp+1)*(taustp+1)*sizeof(float)];
    You don't need sizeof(float) in there. Just:
    float *sigma = new float[(Testp+1)*(taustp+1)];

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