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    C++ Question

    what is the best C++ program to use?

    the program i am using is Dev-C++.

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    do you mean what is the best IDE? I would say thats up to you.
    There are a number avalible, depending on your OS. I think its a matter of personal preference, or what your job requires.
    If any part of my post is incorrect, please correct me.

    This post is not guarantied to be correct, and is not to be taken as a matter of fact, but of opinion or a guess, unless otherwise noted.

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    VIM it is baby, for pretty much any OS.
    And a commandline for the compiler

    For more integrated tools I've always been a Borland fan, but knowledge of CURRENT Microsoft tools is more marketable.

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    i use dev and visual c++ 6.0, the former being free, the latter
    being like all things microsoft - expensive! dev is my home
    compiler which i like a lot because i cant save any config data on
    visual (college doesn't allow saving of settings).

    it depends on what you need - you are a beginner so dev will
    be more than powerful enough for you. i would recommend a
    command liner compiler too, many experts swear by them and by
    giving you a raw, standard compiler without the fancy features of
    the more user orientated IDE's make you a stronger programmer -
    you have to read the errors/warnings produced and locate the
    errors - good for learning from your mistakes.

    dev will be more than capable for your needs for some time yet,
    so i wouldn't be too worried about the nuances of the different
    types yet. just learn to program with standard code and not
    depend on what your particular compiler will let you get away with
    and you'll be fine.
    No No's:
    fflush (stdin); gets (); void main ();

    Example of fgets (); The FAQ, C/C++ Reference

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    Richie T MSVC++ 6.0 I heard had a buggy compiler that fails to inplement the current C++ newer features. Is this true?

    I have so mine is ok

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    Yes, version 6.0 was developed before the C++ standard came out, so it doesn't implement some features according to that standard. It is also about 8 years old and there have been two major versions released since (7.x and 8.0). .Net 2003 (version 7.1) or 2005 (8.0) have much better compilers.

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    and I'd hardly call VC++ expensive... The 2003 version (the 2005 version is not currently sold separately) costs only about $150, the full 2005 rolls in at under $400.

    Both the 2003 and 2005 versions are also available free of charge (minus some of the goodies and documentation).

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