Thread: pointer problem - please help

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    pointer problem - please help

    I'd like to make one variable always equal to 1/3rd of another variable. I've tried the following...

    int x;
    int *p;
    p = &x/3;
    But I get "error C2296: '/' : illegal, left operand has type 'int *'"
    How do I get this to work? Thanks in advance

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    Thats not the way pointers work, they store memory addresses,
    not actually the data. The code you posted attempts to divide
    the physical memory address of the variable x by 3, and assign
    it to the pointer p. Obviously that won't do so here's what you

    int x = 3;
    int *p;
    p = &x;
    cout <<"x/3 is equal to: "<<*p/3;
    if you dont understand that then suggest reading up a bit on
    pointers, i found them tricky until i actually took a minute to
    sit down with them and i found that they're not too bad at all.
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    To see why your code doesn't work, try this:
    int x = 20;

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