Thread: Help with Multi Meida Player in C++

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    Help with Multi Meida Player in C++

    I'm trying to add a multimedia player in c++ to play and record wav files. i have the multimedia player working but when i try and open a file using an open dialog the media player doesn't activate. If an initial file is loaded then the media player recognises that the file has changed but continues to play the file that was originally loaded into the player.
      FileName = FileOpen1->Dialog->FileName;
      MediaPlayer1->FileName = FileName;
      MediaPlayer1->Enabled = true;
    Any help or explanations why this happens would be gratefully received

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    You basically asked....
    int main ( ) {
      return 0;
    It doesn't work - why?

    Could it be the lack of saying which OS/Compiler you're using,
    or the lack of saying which "media player" library you're using,
    or even the complete lack of any useful code to comment on.

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    The multi media player works. it just won't load in a new file. I'm not sure which command to use to get it to recognise a new file has been passed in and the c++ help files are of no real use on this topic I'm using builder 6 in windows xp

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