Thread: mouse click chick if they happen

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    mouse click chick if they happen

    Hi, I need help on getting what is click on my mouse. See I want to see "if(lbuttonclick)" or something like that. I know that doesnt work, I mean the lbuttondclick thing, but is there a way to do this?
    Also do I need to get a wait like cin>>getline; or something like that too?

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    Interfacing with the mouse is non-standard and OS dependant. We do not know how to help you without these details.

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    Ok, sorry^.^; I thought it was non-standard. Will I am running on Windows XP and my compiler is Dev-C++.

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    I'm not going to give any specific examples, as it crashes the way I have it set up (strangely enough, a simple call to GetNumberOfConsoleInputEvents), but you'll probably want to look up these functions/structs:

    SetConsoleMode (paying special attention to ENABLE_MOUSE_INPUT)
    INPUT_RECORD (paying special attention to Event.MouseEvent)
    MOUSE_EVENT_RECORD (paying special attention to dwMousePosition and dwButtonState)
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