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    Stack ERROR

    I wont post the code as it is too large...

    Basicly, I compiled a large application I have been working on
    and it compiled and linked ok. But then after the program had executed I got an error box up saying:

    "An Exception has occured in your program"
    " Stack overflow."
    "Break " Continue "Ignore"

    I pressed break and then when I went to re-build my program I had to delete a file from the debug folder called

    "vc80 pdb" Which I did.. then it worked ok then I got the original error back again!

    What is going on!! Am I using up too much memory?

    I tried it in DevC++ and it worked perfecly fine. The error only occured when I used MSVC++ Is there somthing I can do to prevent this error?

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    the stack has a set limit of stuff you can put in it..

    Put big stuff on the heap!

    At least i'm pretty sure this is the way it works
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    My application has about 7 files to it.. Should I reduce these to correct the error?

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    It's not the number of files. It is the code. There is probably a bug in your code that is causing the program to use too much stack space. If it worked in Dev-C++, then there might be something fishy with your build, but normally a stack overflow means you called a recursive function too many times or ended up in an infinite loop that uses more and more memory.

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    int big[10000];
    as a local variable, plus lots of recursion would usually blow the stack away.

    Check the sizes of some of the arrays you have, and whether there's any uncontrolled recursion.

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