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    File IO question

    At the suggestion of some cprogramming experts, I started using filestreams rather than the old style FILE* c code.

    Now I have some problems that I'm having trouble solving. This code opens a file with two columns of double data of unknown length. I want to
    ifstream f( filename );
    double a,p;
    vector <double> v;
    		f >> a >> p;
    		v.push_back( a );
    		v.push_back( p );
    	cout << "Unable to open file";
    The problem is that if my input file has a return after the last number, eof says there is still more to read, and the while loop keeps going, pushing 1 additional element onto each vector. Is testing for an identical values the only way to prevent this from happening? Does f >> a >> p raise a flag somewhere that says it didn't read a double?

    Thanks for the help.

    OK, well I seemed to have answered it myself:
    if(f >> a)
    This tests for valid input.

    Well I guess I'm still wondering if there would be a way to push the value right onto the vector array without saving it in a temp variable. Something like this:
    s.push( f >> double );
    Is this possible?
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    You found the correct solution with if (f >> a), although you can also just move that code to the while control instead of the eof() check.

    You cannot push the variable on to the vector without a temporary because of the way operator>> works. It manipulates an existing object instead of returning a new object.

    If your vector started out filled with values, you could use operator[] or at() to set the data directly without the temporary, but that is not a good solution unless you know exactly how many elements will be in the input file.

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    > while(!f.eof())
    Read the FAQ as to why using eof to control a loop is bad.

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