Thread: Please help with C++ question ASAP

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    Please help with C++ question ASAP

    I have to write a program and i am having trouble writing part of it.
    I have to read information from a file about students. This file contains their names, graduation year and GPA. I need to compare the GPA's of all the students in the file.The class information is stored in an array of structs.Please help me with the code that will find the student /students with the highest gpa.


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    Please post your code even it does not compile, then we could help.

    You can use bubble sort or quick sort algorithm to find highest GPA of students.
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    and don't demand instant help. We're not here at your beg and call to command as your personal slaves.
    Ask nicely and you'll find lots more sympathy.

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    If all you need is the highest you could just search through, keep track of the highest. If the new one is higher than the current one.

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    jwenting i did not demand instant help. I said as soon as possible. I asked nicely saying please at least twice. I did not ask you to write huge chunks of code for me or anything i just wanted to know what the best way to do something was. So next time if you have a problem with something keep it to yourself.

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    I could tell that C++angel your find its the people on here the longest that are the most rude. Anyway I may or may not be able to help, let me know


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    Enough already.

    C++angel, help comes when you post some code (ie, real effort), not just copy/pasting your assignment.
    When you can do this, post your code and question in another thread.

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