Thread: Mice Are Nesting!!!

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    Mice Are Nesting!!!

    Maybe, would there be one of you kind enough to give me
    a simple example of out to set up, colloct, and read mouse input
    on a console program? Just tell me what to include and give me a simple one or two function program demonstraiting mouse input. Such as...

    #include <MouseyInputCollecterThingyMaDooBob>
    using namespace  std;
    int  main(void) {
    int  X; 
    int  Y; 
    Y= mouse.inputY;
    X= mouse.inputX;
    if  (X == 5 && Y == 2) { /* do somethin' */}
    return  0;}
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    What OS?

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    interesting name for a headerfile

    I think I have an example somewhere (if I can still find a 15 year old book), but it's for Turbo Pascal.

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    Sorry guys, I haven't replied in so long.
    I FORGOT ALL ABOUT this thread, and now I'm sure none will
    read it, but my OS is WINDOWS ME. If it matters (which I'm sure
    it does) my compiler is Dev-Cpp Again, sorry about
    not responding to your questions for like two days.

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