Thread: variable setting (very basic very strange)

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    variable setting (very basic very strange)

    Hi all ;

    I have two lines of code as the following :

    last_recived = (mh->seq)+1 ;
    fprintf(stderr,"me %d ,mh->seq= %d \n ",last_recived,(mh->seq)+1 ) ;

    both variables (last_recived and (mh->seq)+1) are Int . when this is being printed the values of last_recived and the (mh->seq)+1 are different!!! I am sure that this is the only where in my program that some thing is being printed out ! how is that possible? These two lines are exactly after each other! I am thinking about some sort of compiler bug or so . if I put

    last_recived = 1 ;

    before printing then 1 is being printed for last_recived ; more surprisingly if I put

    last_recived ++ ;

    before printing some values like 2789 are being printed which is almost 500 less that the (mh->seq)+1

    and finally if some where in my program (before these two lines) I put last_recived++ ; the the printed value for last_recived will be one less than (mh->seq)+1 !!!!!!!

    I am using an old machine with Red hat Linux installed on that. I’m sure both variables are int. is there any possibility for computer resources shortage such as memory or ...?

    Many thank & Regards


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    I'd recommend posting the exact code that causes the error: too often paraphrased code acquires unrelated problems. But what you've shown sounds considerably like this.
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    Without you posting a whole program which shows the problem, who knows what's going on.
    Most likely, you trashed something a long time ago and now you're just noticing the problems.

    Maybe mh is a pointer to a local variable in another function you just called (this is of course illegal).

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    …printed value for last_recived will be one less than…
    Probably a precedence issue… that is, “last_recived = (mh->seq)” being performed before the “+1”

    Try adding another pair of parenthesis:
    last_recived = ( (mh->seq) +1) ;

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