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    ? on visual '05

    alright so im new to c++ and everything to bare wit me on some things im takin a class on it now

    anyways i wanna know wats the diffrence between visual C++ full edition and the visual C++ express edition? (wit all the additives u can get for free)

    i am currently using the full edition at school and downloadnig the express edition i tried other free compilers (like DEV) and i hated them get back to me on this...thanxs


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    I guess you are referring to Visual C++ 2005 Express & Visual Studio Standard?
    If this is incorrect then ignore this post.

    My knowledge is that the express edition should have everything you need and it is free as long as you download it before November 2006. Some features are lacking, but nothing that should affect what you are doing.

    * There is no support for Mobile devices
    * Database support is for local connections only
    * There is no class designer
    * There is XML support, but not XSLT
    * There is no extensibility support. You can add external tools to the Tools menu and use 3rd party components, but no plugins
    * There is no 64-bit compiler support
    * There is no source control integration
    * There are no deployment tools
    Product comparison @ I'm not sure what additives you found as I'm still using old timey Visual C++ 6.0

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    Another comparison
    Two things that are not included are MFC and ATL.
    You'll probably also need to download the platform SDK for the express version.

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    yes im talkin about the comparison and theres some like addition thing but im not sure but im downloadin it lol...and yea im talkin about the c++ microsoft one

    syneris - i know i need to download the SDK but thanks for reminding me

    thanks you guys


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    download isn't too bad. Only about 950MB including the platform SDK (which you can also order on CD for a nominal fee)

    Downloaded it last night, took about an hour (yes, I've a fast connection but Microsoft has an even faster one).
    Haven't installed it yet, not risking installing anything as I need my computer stable for the next 3 weeks so I'm not taking any chances with it however small they may be.

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