Thread: Compiler/Class bug?

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    Compiler/Class bug?

    Ok, I added in another class to keep track of tile steps (sounds useless doesnt it ?:P) Anyways, when I tried to add it in, it gave me a weird error...
    Borland C++ 5.5.1 for Win32 Copyright (c) 1993, 2000 Borland
    Error E2176 C:\KeeperClass.h 3: Too many types in declaration
    *** 1 errors in Compile ***
    It seems my compiler always gives me a new error thats totaly weird -,-.

    Ok, the weird thing is, I have only declared threee classes. Keeper, Enemy, WeakWall.

    The codes for each (Starting from WeakWall and ending with Enemy.)

    #include <windows.h>
    #include <iostream>
    #include <string.h>
    #include <conio.h>
    #include <fstream>
    using namespace std;
    class WeakWall {
      SHORT Strength;
      SHORT SteppedOn;
      SHORT x;
      SHORT y;
      WeakWall() {Strength=1; SteppedOn=0; x=0; y=0;}
      WeakWall(SHORT str, SHORT Step, SHORT x_pos, SHORT y_pos) {Strength=str; SteppedOn=Step; x=x_pos; y=y_pos;}
      SHORT GetX() {return x;}
      SHORT GetY() {return y;}
      SHORT GetStr() {return Strength;}
      SHORT GetWStatus() {return SteppedOn;}
      void Reset() {Strength=1; SteppedOn=0; x=0; y=0;}
    #include "WeakWall.h"
    class Keeper {
      SHORT zzx[5];
      Keeper() {zzx[0] = 0; zzx[1] = 0; zzx[2] = 0; zzx[3] = 0; zzx[4] = 0;}
      Keeper(SHORT z, SHORT zz, SHORT zzz, SHORT zzzz, SHORT b) {zzx[0] = z; zzx[1] = zz; zzx[2] = zzz; zzx[3] = zzzz; zzx[4] = b;}
      void Check(SHORT x) {zzx[x] = 1;}
      void Uncheck(SHORT x) {zzx[x] = 0;}
      void UncheckAll() {zzx[0] = 0; zzx[1] = 0; zzx[2] = 0; zzx[3] = 0; zzx[4] = 0;}
      SHORT IsChecked(SHORT x);
    SHORT Keeper::IsChecked(SHORT x) {
     if(zzx[x] == 1)
      return 1;
     return 0;
    #include "KeeperClass.h"
    #define Enemy1 '@'
    #define Enemy2 '&' 
    #define Enemy3 '$'
    #define Enemy4 '%'
    #define No 10 //Movement Definitions.
    #define Ea 15
    #define So 20
    #define We 25
    HANDLE hIn = GetStdHandle(STD_INPUT_HANDLE);
    class Enemy {
     char Ent;
     int ex_pos;
     int ey_pos;
     int tag;
     int mproc;
     SHORT alive;
     Enemy() {Ent=0;ex_pos=0;ey_pos=0;tag=0;mproc=0;alive=0;}
     Enemy(char t, int ex, int ey, int etag, int moving, SHORT live) {t=Ent;ex=ex_pos;ey=ey_pos;etag=tag;moving=mproc;live=alive;}
     char GetType() {return Ent;}
     int GetX() {return ex_pos;}
     int GetY() {return ey_pos;}
     int GetTag() {return tag;}
     int GetMovement() {return mproc;} //40
     SHORT IsAlive() {return alive;}
     void SetType(char c) {Ent=c;}
     void SetX(int x) {ex_pos=x;}
     void SetY(int y) {ey_pos=y;}
     void SetTag(int Tag) {tag=Tag;}
     void SetMovement(int Move) {mproc=Move;}
     void SetLive(int live) {alive=live;}
    My compiler gives me no other errors (thankfully -,-) but It just seems to not like that I declared three classes. Though I dont know why it would mind that as I'm sure some people declare many more.

    So, what is this error? Wish it was more discriptive -,-.

    To avoid two posts, is it possible to create an array based on an int? IE:
    int y=7;
    int x[y];
    Or is their some way I can fool my compiler by using a define? #define x; ?
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    Error W8057 C:\\Life.cpp: Invalid number of arguments in function run(Brain *)

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    You had:

    class WeakWall {
    // ...
    // ...
    No semi-colon on end of class structure. Change to:

    class WeakWall {
    // ...
    // ...
    Edit: In response to your edit, look into dynamic memory allocation. Stack-based memory is a fixed size.

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    Wow. It works! Thank you tonto, theyse errors really need to be a bit more... Pointed? (Line x, missing semicolin after } -,-) Maybe I should just be more careful :P.

    Thank you again tonto!
    Error W8057 C:\\Life.cpp: Invalid number of arguments in function run(Brain *)

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