Thread: Towers of Hanoi (need help)

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    Towers of Hanoi (need help)

    I have a current project that is available for extra work in one of my classes right now involving c++. I have to make a simple Towers of Hanoi project that asks for a multiple for the towers and then does the calculations. It has to show each step as to where it moves each piece and I have no clue where to start. My prof said that it can be done in a simple few lines but I have no clue how he could do it. If anyone has experience in this example or has any clue how to start this it would be of great help! Thank you

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    Google it first.

    [edit]No offense intended.
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    This is a very common problem given to programming students. Although the suggestion may seem rude, your best results will certainly come from searching. Not only Google, but searching this forum will yield some very useful information.

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    alright thank you...Sorry for not searching first. I took no offense to either posts.

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