Thread: I cant do it but its in the tutorial

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    >> Dont really need the <<endl; thing

    It will flush the buffer, which should be done before the cin.get() call, but you never know. That code should work on that compiler, so we are all just guessing. The return 0, on the other hand, shouldn't make any difference.

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    SERIOUSLY: AFTER you see the 13 outputted on the screen, do you type 13 and then press enter??! cuz if you don't, THAT'S the problem--you should!!! lol

    the problem is simple, and it doesn't have anything to do with the code but with the level of comprehension of the code form the "coder's" part.
    the cout<<"13"; line is clearly the source ...but what none thought to ask clearly out of the nice young lad here is whether he actually inputs anything after he sees "13" outputted on the screen, when running the program. i think he doesn't. he gets discuraged by the 13 already there, thinks there's something wrong with the code, and doesn't input the age...thus, nothing happens.

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    enumclaw wa

    WHOA thnx

    Yeah I wan't typing in 13 and pressing enter I just did it. AND IT WORKED!!! Thnx for all the help guys and I will continue replying. Oh yeah and I had a typo it is and not 4.9.92 srry
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    >> Dont really need the <<endl; thing

    It will flush the buffer, which should be done before the cin.get() call, but you never know.
    cin is linked with cout (I forget the exact term), so that whenever you call cin, cout is flushed.

    Why do you think this works?
    #include <iostream>
    int main(void) {
        std::cout << "Enter a number: ";
        int n;
        std::cin >> n;
        return 0;
    You would think cout wouldn't be flushed, and it wouldn't print the prompt. But it does.

    If you want to flush a stream without printing a '\n', use flush:
    cout << "Reading from file" << flush;

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    If Anyone cares, this, I think, is better than system("Pause");


    That way it does't display the anoying "press any key to continue. . ." message. I know that isn't what you guys are talking about, but hey!

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