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    I have finished one of my smaller projects, how do i go about getting a licence or copyright or whatever. I want to make it freeware, and i dont want to release the source.

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    Copyright automatically exists in any original work, that means that you already own the copyright. YOu must mark the software
    with the copyright symbol your anme and the date.

    However, you can register the copyright with the patent office, as if it is an unregistered copyright you may have problems if any legal case should arise.
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    Hmm...Just find out where to get a copyright. After you do this, ask for a copyright application and then fill it out and send it back. I'm pretty sure that's how it works, right?

    Also, this would be a good time to start a company, so that you won't have to post your name all over the internet. You can copyright the product under the company's name instead of your own personal name.
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    does the system work the same in all country's?
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