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    I have been using VC++6.0 for years and just upgraded to Enterprise 2003, Visual

    After installing, I found the interface is quite different from the VC6. A lot of things new! For learning, I searched the Net, a great number of tutorial of the

    You are experienced users, might I share your experiences to make a sooner access?

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    Try using both for different purposes. IE I might use for an actual game, but VC6 for a level editor written with MFC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadCow257
    Try using both for different purposes. IE I might use for an actual game, but VC6 for a level editor written with MFC.
    why? anything vc6 can do can do and without vc6's crap buggy compiler.

    Yumin, exactly what are you looking for? If you've used vc6, should be pretty familiar.
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    the only reasons to not bin vc6 after getting a sniff of vc.NET is lack of familiarity or having code that is so specific to vc6 that it won't work using any other compiler (it is apparently possible, Sun had some Java runtimes that would only build using specific builds of vc6 (so not just any vc6, but only highly specific patch levels). IMO that's poor coding on their part, and I think they've now made an effort to remove such dependencies.
    For a while it may take a bit longer to get things done while you're getting used to the new interface, that's it.

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