I have a program which will log me into, gmail (but it will work for anything really with modification).

How it works is that it loads the web page, and then it alt-tabs to the program and tells the user to press any key when the web page has loaded and when the user has pressed the any-key, or any any key for that matter, it alt-tabs back and then fills in the information and logs you in. the problem is that I don't want the user to have to do anything.

Is there any code which will enable the program to know when the web page has loaded fully? I used a
Sleep(estimate time);
but that is a bit unpredictable unfortunately.

From looking around the internet and whatnot, either socket programming or curl programming was an option, but I don't have a clue how do to either of those, and from looking at them, I got confused. though I have been told by someone who can program a million times better than I can that it can be done with curl.



PS I had posted a previous post with a question similar to this, and was told to check up stuff on the net, so I did, and I'm still lost...