Thread: recoursive function-is this possible??

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    Eyal Cohen

    Unhappy recoursive function-is this possible??

    i need to write a recoursive function that gets an integer and returns it reversed!!!
    is it possible?????
    here is my lousy try!! please help me!! its 4 my university and i cant find a way.
    thanks in advance.

    int revnum(int num)
    if (num/10==0)
    return num%10;
    return 10*(num%10)+revnum(num/10,dbl);

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    If you are purely using type int instead of representing the results as a string then this should be good enough:
    unsigned int revnum(unsigned int num)
        unsigned int base = 1;
        // determine the ten base value
        while ((num / base) >= 10)
        if (num >= 10)
            num = ((num % 10) * base) + revnum(num/10);
        return num;
    Of course, realize that using type unsigned int (4 bytes), restricts the size of the number you can use. If you enter a value that exceeds 4228250624, then you will get bogus data back.

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    if it helps at all......reverse of a number:


    I figured this little equation out all on my own. What do you think about it?

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    If you know how to turn a number into a string, try to figure out how to print a string backwards. Even if you don't, it's easier to think it through for a string.

    Clue: if you print the letter before the recursive call, you print forwards; if you print after the call, you print backwards.

    BTW, it's spelled recursive.
    Good luck, Al

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