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    Question assignment operators

    I'm writing code for a linked list object. The object uses a structure for the nodes called LinkNode. I want to write assignment operators for the LinkNode structure and for pointers to the data type that the LinkList object contains. Here's a little sample of y code:

    template <class Type>
    struct LinkNode
    LinkNode<Type> *prev;
    Type *dat;
    LinkNode<Type> *next;

    template <class Type>
    class LinkList
    //All kinds of crap
    LinkNode<Type> *first;
    LinkNode<Type> *current;
    LinkNode<Type> *last;
    int length;

    I want to be able to do something like this:

    LinkList<int> list;
    int *temp;

    temp = list;

    I want temp to then have the the address of the data in the current node of list. Does that make sense?

    I tried writing an operator like this:

    template <class Type>
    Type *operator = (Type *t, LinkList<Type> &l)
    t = l.GetData();
    return t;

    //repeat the same thing for LinkNode<Type>*

    That code gives me some error about the operator needing to be a "static member function", or something like that. Can you define the assignment operator outside of a class? If so, do I need to make the first parameter a reference (Type* &t)? Thanks for any help.

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    You need to declare the function as a 'friend' within your class declaration.

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