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    Memory leaks

    What are some of the common problems that cause memory leaks?

    would the char* in this cause one?

    unsigned int loadtex(char*name) {
    unsigned int img,texture;
    ilGenImages(1, &img); ilBindImage(img); ilLoad(IL_JPG,name); texture = ilutGLBindMipmaps();
    ilDeleteImages(1, &img);
    return texture;

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    difficult to say without knowing how the memory that the char* points to was allocated.

    Memory leaks occur when you use malloc() and forget to call free(), or similarly when you call new and forget to call delete.

    for instance....

    char* name="";
    // your code here
    // no memory leaks

    name was statically allocated and memory taken care of by your compiler.

    char* name=new char[ 13 ];
    strcpy (name,"");
    // call your func
    // if you then do this.....
    delete [] name;
    // there is no memory leak

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    Consider this:

    char *DoSomething(const char *in)
    char *out = malloc(strlen(in));
    return out;
    int main()
    char *in = malloc(100);  // allocation...
    char withThisString[] = "A day in the life of a programmer";
    int x = 100;
    while(x-- > 0)
    in = DoSomething(withThisString);
    //, 'out' gets malloc'd every loop!...
    <<  Memory Leak, 10 K of memory... <<
    free(in);  //<--Which is free'd here? 
    return 0;
    <<  Memory Leak ??  <<

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    Another "popular", (i.e. common), cause of, (diificult to find), memory leaks is using non thread safe stdlib calls in a multithreaded environment.
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