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    Smile Unsigned char error!

    Hi all!

    I encountered a problem using Visual C++. my objective is to convert "char tmp" to a decimal number, but bcos char supports only -128 to 128 and i want it to be from 0 to 256, so i changed it to unsigned char instead. However, an error occurs when i use "unsigned char" with "sprintf". My code is as follows:

    unsigned char tmp='a',buf;
    int num;
    num = atoi(buf);

    Errors occurs when the above code is used:

    "error C2664: 'sprintf' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'unsigned char' to 'char *'

    Is there other alternative methods to implement the codes above since i can't use "unsigned char" with "sprintf"?

    Thanks a million!!!

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    sprintf prints to an array, not a char.
    Likewise, atoi reads from an array.

    So do
    char buf[20];

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