Thread: Getting a line of text in Dev-C++

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    Getting a line of text in Dev-C++

    It seems that cin.getline is unrecognized in Dev-C++ is there some other function I can use?

    I haven't tried fgets() since I want to stick to the C++ style.


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    Dev-C++ recognizes cin.getline just fine (though the global getline and std::string would be better). What's your code?

    One thing you'll learn is that when it doesn't work, the problem is in 99.9% of the cases you. Especially if you don't use VC++6.
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    #include <iostream>
    int main()
    	std::string buffer;
    	while (buffer != "QUIT")
    		std::cout << "You wrote: " << buffer << std::endl;	
    	return 0;
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