Thread: problem linked list?

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    problem linked list?

    2006-01-20 : 22:40 -Edit- -Reply- -Top- linked List?
    Updated by asif on 2006-01-20 22:41


    Hi dear,

    I have a list of linked list of element like below.the last item of the list points back to one of the item of the list.

    O---> |A|---> |B|--->|C|--->|D|

    Here, O represnt of Head
    so, My question is the function what returns the number of items in linked-list of the above type.

    another question is same but here list is much longer than above.

    I tried like
    Int getNumberOfItems( void *listHead ) {
    int data;
    node next;

    head =malloc(sizeof(void *listhead));
    second =malloc(sizeof(void *listhead));
    thrird =malloc(sizeof(void *listhead));
    fourht=malloc(sizeof(void *listhead));




    head->next="Here i dont know where it will reference"

    and what will return this function?

    Please give me answers of both questions diffrently.

    Waiting for positive reply.

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    Please give me answers of both questions diffrently.
    Sounds like you're trying to get the answers to your homework questions done for you by posting at more than one messageboard.
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    In your code you are just changing the head's Next pointer to point to the second then third then fourth nodes.
    What you need to do is have a pointer which moves thru the list like this
    while (Pointer->Next!=NULL)

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