Thread: DEV-C++ made program crashes when run from outside the ide

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    DEV-C++ made program crashes when run from outside the ide

    When I click on the compile/run icons in the upper left corner of the devcpp ide my program runs fine. But when i run my program from outside the editor it crashes by just double clicking on it (the exe icon), it crashes.

    I think I know where the problem is but I don't understand it. My program reads text files and then acts upon what values it finds in them. When I hard code all the values in and completely comment out the readfile code the program runs fine when I double clicking on the exe icon.

    I don't understand why using fstream only works for me if i click the compile&run/run icon in the editor and crashes if i try to run the program without the editor.

    Thank you for reading this and your help/comments.

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    When you run your program from Dev-C++ the "current" directory is probably different than when you double click on the executable. So, it is possible that the file cannot be found when you couble-click but it can be found when you run from the IDE.

    Try using a full path to the input file and see if it still has an issue.

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    And write your program so that it doesn't crash when it can't open the file. Make it write a proper error message instead.
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    thank you for your help. when I added std::ios::in it worked fine

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