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    please help

    I have a lot of trouble dealing with this task, so i would appriciate any help.

    I have to make program ,in borland c++ version 4.5 for win, which has to make simple x-y graph, on x graph is number of measuring and on y is value of these measurings.

    thx for help

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    What exactly do you need help with?

    Show some code?
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    Once you've got a Window, there are simple WinAPI functions for putting dots, lines, shapes, text, etc., in the Window to make-up your graph. As you may already know, there are no graphics, color, mouse, or sound, in ANSI / ISO Standard C++.

    ...However, there is NOT one simple function to create a Window. In fact, there is a steep learning-curve. If you want to get started with Windows programming, check out The Forgers Tutorial.

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