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    Question Writing For Other Platforms

    How do you write programs for PocketPC's, PalmOS and phones? What do you do differently from writing computer programs?

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    They all take eVC++ 3.0, eVC++ 4.0 or .NET compilers -- the first two are free for downloading at Programs targed for PocketPC 2002 can only be compiled with eVC++ 3.0. And they run WinCE, which is a stripped-down version of desktop win32. There are many win32 api functions not supported:

    Here are just a couple differences.

    1. There is no console, so there are no console programs, stdout, stdin, or stderr. You don't get an error when compiling a program that uses printf() and other associated functions, but they just don't do anything. The only user interface is via GUI MS-Windows, which is only about 80% supported.

    2. eVC++ 4.0 supports some c++ classes from std library, such as container classes, and it supports c++ exceptions. eVC++ 3.0 supports neither. And neither compiler supports std::streams. You can use FILE and associated functions or normal win32 api file i/o calls.

    3. There are many new hardware related functions, most of them are manufacturer OEM dependent. What works on one PPC OEM's device many or may not work on another OEM;s device.

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