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    new line

    Hi, I have a code where I scan a file, but I want to scan the entire document, not only the first line. The code I have is:

    ifstream c_file (place);		
    c_file.getline(info, 300);	
    where info is the information I want to scan, and place is the location of the file.

    I don't think getline will get the new line, is there a way of including a newline in scanning?

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    doesn't get line do exactly what it says (get a line),,, if you want to put the whole file into a buffer why don't you check out filebuf functions......................................... .....then you can output the whole thing onto the console......or do tring searches (whateva)
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    I was advised not to use getline (Dont know why).

    Heres an alternative:
    int loadtomemory(string IFpath) {
     #define maxN 4999
     #define maxL 100
      char memmap[5000];
     int x, line;
     ifstream file_in(IFpath.c_str(), ios::nocreate);
      cout << "Could not open file.";
     for(x=0; x <= maxN; x++) {
      if(++line == maxL)
      if(isrestricted(memmap[x] == 1) 
     return 0;
    int isrestricted(char res[]) {
     char restricted[] = "restricted"; //Put restricted characters here. Add space as needed.
     int x;
     for(x=0; x <= (sizeof(restricted[]) / sizeof restricted[0]); x++) //Not sure if this'll work. Could any pros correct this?
     if(res == restricted[x])
      return 1;
     return 0;
    Some of that code might not work sence its not compiled, but you get the idea?
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    Well, how about a loop. Calling getline in the loop will allow you to read through the whole file. The getline function will read a newline character from the stream but will not store it in the buffer.

    If you want to read the entire file in one go without a loop you can use this:
    ifstream c_file(place);
    stringstream sstr;
    string info;
    if( c_file.is_open() )
        sstr << c_file.rdbuf();  // Read entire file into stringstream
        info = sstr.str();       // Convert stringstream into string
        // Do whatever you want with the string "info".
    The ifstream object's destructor will close the file for you.
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