Thread: If/else statement not working

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    If/else statement not working

    Hi, I'm new at programming and I made this little program to test myself... but it didn't work! The problem seems to be at the end with the if/else statement. It always says "You're right!". Thanks in advance!

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
        int a, b, c;
        struct gamelibrary {
               int gamecube;
               int playstation;
               int xbox;
        gamelibrary john;
        cout<< "How many gamecube games does John have?\n";
        cin>> john.gamecube;
        cout<< "How many playstation games does John have?\n";
        cout<< "How many xbox games does John have?\n";
        cout<< "So John has "<< john.gamecube <<" gamecube games, right?\n";
        cout<< "1. Yes\n2. No\n";
        cin>> a;
        if (a = 1){
              cout<< "You're right!";
        else {
             cout<< "You're wrong!";

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    >> if (a = 1)

    Two equals signs for comparison.

    if(a == 1)
    if(a == john.gamecube)

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