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    Help Needed asap

    hey all, i leaning how to do some c++ programming and am doing a tutorial but i am stuck completey and its doing my head in!!! i need to design and implement a program that will convert a date input by the user from the following format:

    DD/MM/YYYY (e.g, 01/01/2000)

    ... to the following output format:

    DD MONTH_NAME YEAR (e.g, 01 January 2000)

    Can anyone help me???

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    Read the input into a string. Search for the first '/' character and copy the input before it into the new string for the day. Then search for the next '/' character and convert the string there to the spelled out month name using some sort of conversion function. There are lots of ways to do that, the crudest being a long set of if/else statements. Then the rest of the input string is the year and you can just tack that on to the end of the resulting string.

    Post your code and your specific problem if you are still having trouble.

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