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    Hi dear member ,
    I want to make a program by c++ to develop a sell system in a small company specializing in selling PC parts(configurations),according to this table contents:
    (I minimized the no. of rows & columns in this post to be short. )the columns names are(Part_No ,Part_Quantity, Part_Price), and the rows elements are(10, 80, 100)

    The c++ program must work according to the following steps :
    1. it must display the array contents from the table.
    Then it will ask the user to:
    2. enter the requested Part_No , if it’s found go to step no. (3) ,else print “the part isn’t found” then go to step no. (2).
    3. enter the requested quantity(qu) ;(the program must check) if the entered (qu) is more than the existing (qu) in the array contents ,it prints “the (qu) isn’t available, the available (qu) is ***(the strike is the No. of the available (qu); Please enter a suitable q”, then go to step no. (3),but if the entered (qu) is less or equal to the stored Q in the array , it prints ”the (qu) is found” then go to step no. (4).
    4. ask the user “Do you want to continue the sell process’,if “Yes” go to step no. (5) else go to step no. (2).
    5. Calculate the price of the sold quantity.
    6. Print the Part_No, print the available quantity , print the subsist (qu), and print the sold (qu).
    7. ask the user ”Do you want to do another selling process”,if “Yes” go to step no.(2),else go to step(8).
    8. print “the process is finished”.

    With a bunch of thanks for you..

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    Don't double post either.
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    Hi sara,

    Welcome to the boards. That looks like homework and we have a few rules about that. Give it your best shot first, and if you encounter any problems come back later with specific questions.


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