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    c++ functions

    I am just begining to learn c++ and was wondering what these functions do;

    -main (followed by () )
    Also I was wondering what is the proper pronunciation for c++:
    c plus plus or c positive positive?

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    Think logically, it's pronounced C-plus-plus

    main() defines the entry point of your application, and is required. cout is an instance of the ostream class which writes to the output stream stdout, what you see. The overloaded opearator << writes to the stream. cin is an instance of the istream class which reads data from the input stream stdin. The overloaded operator >> reads from the stream until it encounters whitespace. Overloaded operators are a feature of the C++ language, so instead of a statement like:

    3 + 4

    using the '+' operator to which took two integer arguments (3 and 4), and added them, you can make statements like this with operator overloading:

    cout << "Hello World!"

    Which took the ostream cout class and a literal string "Hello World" and wrote it to stdout. These concepts will be reinforced with time and programming.

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