Thread: My final project for programming class...

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    My final project for programming class...

    Ok, I know this is a C++ board. At school I'm in a TrueBasic class, you have to take it before taking c++. TrueBasic is almost exactly the same as basic, just a few differences in sytax. It's not nearly as good as c++, not as much flexibility and customizablity. But you can still do neat things with it like tic tac toe. I know how to do the 'windows programming' for it, which is the equivalent (kind of) of windows programming referring to c/c++. Any ideas for a really neat final project? I can do anything i want i think. And I have LOTS of time so it can be really big too. Any cool ideas guys?

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    A password login system. System administator must assign passwords, user names and access levels. Program should contain menus e.g. login, system administator. Users have the ability to modify their passwords, etc.

    Loads of validation stuff their for you, if you can get your program to be bullet proof (won't crash)

    Hope this helps,


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    Make an operating system, like I'm doing in QB.

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    you cant write a DOS run OS (like Windows9X < ME) in TrueBASIC, TrueBASIC is Windows only

    you could probably write a shell though

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