Thread: basic ms-dos sim, need help

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    basic ms-dos sim, need help

    i am making an ms-dos based simulation based on an ecosystem.
    there are three factors, the herbivores (deer), carnivories (bears), and the food supply (the plants). the mathematical model i'm using is quite basic -

    a & b - chance of creation
    c & d - chance of destruction
    s - seconds

    (a/b x s) + (-c/d x s) + (a/b x s)

    basically, every second, there is a ?/? of something being created and a ?/? of something being destroyed.

    i need to create a simulation which will compute this, whilst at the same time displaying on the screen a log file of what is happening. i'm not the greatest with c++, so i need a few pointers on how to do this.



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    Say something like
    for ( int seconds = 0 ; seconds < lifetime ; seconds++ ) {
      calculatePopulations( );
      displayResults( );

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