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    Embarassingly Stupid Question

    Despite having been programming in C++ for about a decade, I've never got my head around 'proper' multi-file projects. My projects have been either completely monolithic or have been linked by #including .cpp files (which I understand is not good practice).

    The thing is, every time I try to do it properly I get errors. I have attatched a simple project to demonstrate what I mean (MSVC++ 6.0). The .h file is included and the .cpp file has been added to the project but it STILL won't compile.

    Maybe you can help.
    MSVC++ 6.0

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    Let's assume your header to be named "point.h" instead of "c.h". Then #include "point.h" in c.cpp like it is in t.cpp.
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    1) Put your declarations in a .h file.

    2) Include the .h file in any file that uses the names declared in the .h file.

    An include statement just causes the contents of the specified file to replace the include statement. So, when you include the .h file at the top of a .cpp file, the declarations get inserted in the .cpp file.

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