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    .dat file splitter

    tried looking for these sort of freeware on the net, but found nothing so i'm here to ask for some help. does anyone know how to split up a .dat file into its original parts? for example, the .dat i want to split up consists of multiple .avis, and i want to split them up so that i can view each avi individually in a media player. the .dat file cant be viewed on a media player. Can anyone help? thanks

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    Find the file format for the AVI and then remove the data you want. You will have to know how the AVIs are stored in the dat file. Most of the time they start with a file header then move to a chunk header followed by chunk data, followed by chunk header, etc...

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    It's also possible that this .dat file is just a zip/rar renamed to have a .dat extention.

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    tried renaming it, but my extractors dont recognise it, so i guess it's a .dat

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    Look at the file. If it begins with "RAR!", then it's a RAR file.

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