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    Exclamation functions and include

    I have 3 questions

    1. How do you include files from another file that have a function that you want to use?(ex: I create a menu() and I want to use the function in another code)

    2. What file would I need to include to use the sleep() function.

    3. Where would I go to find what functions operate under which files.



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    How do you include files from another file?
    You either have a file or you don't--there aren't files inside files. An #include statement causes the contents of the specified file to replace the include statement.

    2) Google or

    3) non-sensical
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    What operating system?

    If unix, try the command "man sleep". Usually the man page tells you the header to include.

    If windows, the function is Sleep (capital s) or SleepEx. Go to help on the visual studio menu, then index, then type the function name. When you find the help topic, the header file is listed towards the bottom.

    To make your own include file, it's just a text file with a .h extension (and even that's not required). Mostly you put prototypes in the header file, but possibly also class definitions, structure definitions, or preprocessor macros (#define etc). lets say you make your header file funct.h. You would include it like this:

    # include "funct.h"
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