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    Editbox help

    Hi, im new to the fun world of C++, learning it gradually as i go...

    i have figured how to use the data the user enters in to an editbox like so

    wac<<"if never() then"<<endl;
    wac<<"breathtime ="<<Edit3->Text.c_str()<<endl;
    but what i would like to do, is divide the users input by half.

    so if they enter 20, it will create

    if never() then
    breathtime = 10

    in the wac file.

    any help with this would be appreciated


    ive added this to the "on key press" of the editbox

    void __fastcall TForm1::Edit2KeyPress(TObject *Sender, char &Key)
    if ((Key < 48 || Key > 57) && Key != 8) Key = 0;
    so now only numerical datacan be entered.... just leaves the division
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    //Convert from CString to int, then divide by 2
    wac<<"breathtime ="<< atoi(Edit3->Text.c_str()) / 2 <<endl;
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    Thanks alot for your help . il read through the FAQ's before posting again.

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