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    Pass pointer to function


    I am trying to pass a pointer to a function that accepts a reference to an object. Can someone tell me how to do this?
    My code looks something like the following:

    UserMatrix mat;
    UserMatrix *ptrMat;
    ptrMat = &mat;
    void setUpMat(UserMatrix &matrix)
        matrix[0] = 1;
    So how can I call the function setUpMatrix with ptrMat??

    Thanks for your help

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    setUpMat ( *ptrMat );

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    Why would you need a pointer, when you're already passing by reference.

    Given your current function, you would do
    setUpMat( mat );

    There's no need for the pointer.

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    I am trying to pass a pointer to a function that accepts a reference to an object.
    You can't. C++ requires that the arguments you send to a function be the same type as the parameter type. A pointer type and a reference type are not the same types.

    As Slacker showed, you can dereference the pointer to get the object at that address and then send that object to the function.

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