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    Referring to an unknown element

    I posted about this in another help thread a week or so ago but it was only a quick side note. Now its really starting to bother me. I am creating a program in which the user any amount of names and school results in. Iím pretty much done. Except that I am unsure about how to refer the names. Since I canít say to begin with how many names there are going to be so I canít print x amount of elements.

    To summarise

    -Iím using vectors

    -user defines no of elements in the vectors

    -how do I print the elements(refer to them individually, so that its flexible enough)

    Iím not sure if I can just use the size and say print the element which is the size-(size-1) to refer to the first element and just increase the size of 1 as I go. Then once I get to a blank element just print some kinda of end message. If I could do something like that how would I do it.

    Thank you for the help.

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    You say you are using vector. So there is no need to specify any size of the vector.
    Just insert new elements wit push_back() ( this will automatically adjust the vector's size ), then there won't be any "empty" elements in the vector ( this just happens if you create your vector with a certain size or call resize on it ) You can get the actual size of the vector by calling size() on the vector.
    To access idividual elements you can use operator [].

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    So, your question is about printing all the elements of a vector? As an example:
    #include <string>
    #include <iterator>
    #include <iostream>
    #include <vector>
    #include <algorithm>
    using namespace std;
    struct person
        string name;
        int age;
        person(string n,int a) : name(n), age(a) {}
    // Overloaded stream insertion operator
    ostream& operator<<(ostream& os,const person& p)
        return os << << " is " << p.age << " years old.";
    int main()
        vector<person> people;
        vector<person>::size_type loop;
        vector<person>::iterator it;
        // Insert person objects onto vector.
        // Print method #1 use manual loop and manual printing w/ indexing
        for( loop = 0; loop < people.size(); ++loop )
            cout << people[loop].name << " is "
                 << people[loop].age << " years old."
                 << endl;
        // Print method #2 use manual loop and manual printing but w/ iterators
        for( it = people.begin(); it != people.end(); ++it )
            cout << it->name << " is "
                 << it->age << " years old."
                 << endl;
        // Print method #3 use manual loop and indexing but with operator<<
        for( loop = 0; loop < people.size(); ++loop )
            cout << people[loop] << endl;
        // Print method #4 use copy STL function... (uses operator<<)
        return 0;
    All of those methods should output the same thing, so you should have 4 copies of the following:
    Homer is 42 years old.
    Lisa is 10 years old.
    Bart is 12 years old.
    There are other ways as well, you could use a manual loop with iterators that uses the overloaded operator<< for example.
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