Hey guys (and gals!), I've been working on a little API for making a PDF out of TIFF files and would like some feedback on it. Also, if you could tell me anything you would find useful added to it. I'm thinking of making it support other formats too, but that's for future development...

Here's a link to my page on it: http://www.dreamsyssoft.com/tiff-to-pdf-api/

Here's how you would use it in your code:

//Create a PDF object for tiff 2 pdf conversion...
PDF_HANDLE hPdf = DSSPDF_New("My PDF", "Rocky's Producer");

//Create a section (bookmark in the pdf) and add 2 pages to it.
SECTION_HANDLE hSec = DSSPDF_AddSection(hPdf, "Section 1");
DSSPDF_AddFilePage(hSec, "c:\\test1.tif");
DSSPDF_AddFilePage(hSec, "c:\\test2.tif");

//Create another section and add 2 pages to it.
hSec = DSSPDF_AddSection(hPdf, "Section 2");
DSSPDF_AddFilePage(hSec, "c:\\test3.tif");
DSSPDF_AddFilePage(hSec, "c:\\test4.tif");

//Save the PDF
DSSPDF_Save(hPdf, "c:\\test.pdf");

//Free the PDF data (this includes all the sections as well).
I will probably make a C++ wrapper for it as well, the actual implementation of the API is done in C++ anyway.