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    creating a cinema seat

    hello~~everyone out there....i have a question to ask u all.....i am doing a C++ project which the topic is about cinema booking system....the problem that i am facing is that i wish to draw a cinema seat plan so that i can show the customer that where is their seat.

    so the question i wan to ask is can i draw a cinema seat plan by C++??? another question is can i draw a box which may filled with colour???

    i am a C++ begineer, i have learn C++ for 6 months, i am using
    OS: window XP
    software : minGW
    the programming should be run under Win32 Console Application.....

    thanks a lot~~~

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    This sound suspiciously like another problem on the game dev board I helped with months ago.

    So it was homework.

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    Drawing boxes and colours is described in parts of my Win32 Console Tutorial, as is resizing the console, something you may need to do if your hypothetical cinema is of any size.
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