Hello all,

First of all: a happy new jear!
As the titels says it, I'm trying to add 7zip and cab support to my app. For cabbing (and uncabbing), I found some wrappers for cabinet.dll (ugly code though) in C (well, most of it). If anyone has some nice wrappers for makecab, I'd be really interested. Also what would be nice, is some tutorial on how to use dll's in c++.
Then 7zip came along I checked their site, and found the source code of the full program and an LZMA SDK. The last one wasn't really helpfull, the other one seems better, but oh man I can't find my way in it I did find some nice things (I think): someting for 7za.dll and then a wrapper for cabinet.dll If any of you guys could point me to what files I would need to:

  • Compress a file or multiple files (+ subdirs) to 7z
  • Extract an archive completely, or only one file of it
  • Get a list of files in the archive + maybe some attributes like filesize
  • Maybe get rid of using a dll for 7zip, and directly integrate it into my app.
Thanks in advance