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    Good graphics book

    My teacher has suggested
    Heren Baker for graphics
    Other recommended books by our university are
    1.Foley et. al., “Computer Graphics Principles & practice”
    by Addison Wesley, 1999.
    2.David F. Rogers, “Procedural Elements for Computer Graphics”
    by McGraw Hill Book Company, 1985. 
    1.D. Rogers and J. Adams, “Mathematical Elements for Computer Graphics”
    by MacGraw-Hill International Edition, 1989.
    2.D. Hearn and P. Baker
     “Computer Graphics”, Prentice Hall, 1986.
    3.R. Plastock and G. Kalley
     “Theory and Problems of Computer Graphics”
     Schaum’s Series, McGraw Hill, 1986.
    Please suggest which is best book for me(4 sem books will also be appreciated.
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    Can you please tell some pros and cons of books you might have read.

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