Thread: adding animations in C++

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    adding animations in C++

    hi there workin on a project, need to add an animation into, anything will do Gif or Swf

    any way i can do this?


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    maybe a little more descriptive question will produce better answers...


    dont be shy

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    Try googling for key words like
    gif file format

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    ok it is a simple program nothing special. simple game, i just want to add an animation to the form and thats it, is there a button to do this on one of the menus?

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    Create a sprite object. Have it store every frame of animation. For simplicity stake, just save every frame as its own gif (although realistically a sprite she would be better). anyway, include ever animation frame you'll need in this sprite, and write some sort of code for cycling them at the desired rate. There might be better/simpler ways, and a lot of it depends on your API, but somethingl ike that should work as a start.

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