Got XP Home Edition on my new laptop for Uni, problem is (as it's not XP Pro) it doesn't save the network password when I try to log on the net using my high speed campuss wireless service. I have to enter my student ID and password almost each time I open a new webpage. of course I just bypass the problem by getting XP Pro, +but+ I would rather just make a program to do it for me.

So here's the scenario, I have some basic introductory courses and casual programming using C (and Java) but am more aiming towards C++ since I have that next semester!

I want to be able to monitor the windows that come up, so that when the windows pops up, with the title say "Campus Students Login", I can bring that window to main focus (or not) and dump the string of my student id in the 1st text box for the user name and domain, and dump my student password in the second textbox for the password and press the OK button so that I don't have to spend time entering all that each time I need to open a page.

I don't have a clue on how to get window focus for dialogs (if that box is a dialog in the first place) or how to dump strings into the box and press the ok button. Any guidance as to where I could find info to start this little project would be gladly appreciated!