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    Crazy Idea

    Someone has thought of this before im sure. I was reading how cd readers work and how burners work. Basically if the laser hits a blank bit it bounces off the cd and hits the optic and reads it as a 1, if the laster reads a changed bit its a 0.

    THats not really that important, whats important is, if you spent enough time and made a 700 mb size bit file, couldnt you make patterns on the back of your CD with the burner? So in theory, if I made a bit file that started off with 2 million 0's then 2 million 1's that repeated till it was 700mb, I MIGHT see a pattern on the CD? This seems bizzare but is this logic correct?

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    > This seems bizzare but is this logic correct?
    Yes and no
    The CD isn't simply a 1-to-1 copy of your data, there is a lot of additional information as well. Working back from the bits stored on disk (making your image) back to what your data needs to look like to make that happen is likely to be involved.

    I suppose if you could remove enough layers to the point you directly control the laser, you could directly burn a pattern of your choice, but the end result isn't likely to be machine readable.

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    It would be insanely cool though :P

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    very very cool if possible...
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    Something along the lines of the new drive's by ?
    I haven't done any research on these drives at all, I've just seen a few commercials with their "Burn, Flip, Burn" slogan. It seems it is entirely possible, but these lightscribe drives might need special cd's and probably have altered hardware.

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    Thats a good find. It be pretty cool though, when I burn a dvd, I use like 25% of the 4.2 gigs then store it or hand it out to friends, it be cool to have a logo burned in on the cd.

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    Lightscribe indeed needs special CDs and special burners. Nevertheless, it's a cool concept.
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