Thread: benefits of c++

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    benefits of c++

    what is the benefit of c++ programming langusges over other languages such as Eiffel and smalltalk?

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    speed and supports procedural and generic programming.
    There are also more c++ and c librarys than smalltalk and eiffel.

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    What the?

    I've never heard of either of those, but C++ is very, very efficient, fast, and it's object-orientation features are very useful. You can do just about anything in C++ = )

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    Well...There are a few reasons.

    1) C++ is universal. Well, maybe C, but it's almost the same. If you as a programmer, were to look at C++ code, it's pretty easy to get what it means.

    2) C++ is object oriented, with many built in features such as classes and things like that.

    3) C++ is generic, and therefore has many applications, such as writing drivers, programming computer/console games, and even writing operating systems. (Linux was written in C)

    4) C++ Rules!

    I hope this has convinced you to learn C++...Because it is one of the best and most useful languages out there. Therefore, good luck and start using C++!!!
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