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    Question What is wrong ?

    Hello. I would appreciate if you could help me with this problem, please.

    I have got a declaration of a function like this ( in the header file ),

    	int __fastcall IC(int x, int y, int &n);
    and I use it like

    	IC(i, j - 1, n);
    i, j are integers and n is array of integers. It is declared like

    	int n[180];
    When I try to run the application the debugger's output is this :

    [C++ Warning] go1.cpp(138): W8030 Temporary used for parameter 'n' in call to '_fastcall TMF::IC(int,int,int &)'

    [C++ Error] go1.cpp(138): E2034 Cannot convert 'int *' to 'int'

    [C++ Error] go1.cpp(138): E2342 Type mismatch in parameter 'n' (wanted 'int &', got 'int *')

    But I need to send the array of integers to the function and then the function to change it. At the same time I need the output of the function which is an integer as well. I am using BCPPB 6.0. Could you help me? Thank you in advance.

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    Try this:
    int __fastcall IC(int x, int y, int n[]);
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    I have already found a different solution, but thank you anyway.

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