Thread: C++(new to any computer language) beginner

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    C++(new to any computer language) beginner


    Well i want help because , i dont know anything about computer language , I really,really want to leanr but idont know where to start , some, told me php , others C , C++ , Delphi , Pascal etc...
    I was wondering if C++ is ideal , or if it isnt for a beginner , and if one needs any specials skills for programing in general (like be a master in math )

    Thanks(in advanced)

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    Asking on a C++ board is bound to give you some biased answers. It depends on what type of programming you want to do. Certain languages are better suited to certain problems. Tell us what kinds of programs you want to write and we can tell you what languages are best tailored to solving them.

    Knowledge of math can help (again, depending on what types of problems you wish to solve through programming) but it isn't a requirement.
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    As a hobbyist I can tell you that you can write some very satisfying programs without getting really fancy with math. On the other hand, many of the newest and greatest things are mathematically intensive, and in general it won't hurt to know as much math as you can, whether you end up in computer programming or teaching English.

    Whether C++ is the correct place to start is another matter of perspective. The learning curve for your first language is likely to be longer than any other language and C++ has a lot of flexibility allowing you to do a broad array of tasks, but requiring you to learn a broad array of protocols in the process. C++ in the standard form is not a drag and drop or plug and play type of language. You may be able to do more faster with some other language, but in the long run I think many people will agree you can probably do more with C++ than with most, if not all, the fast out of the block type languages. In the end though, you will probably compromise between the language you know best, the language that's best to use when doing a given project, and the language specified by whoever is paying for your services when deciding what language you will use for a given project. You should be prepared to learn more than one language if you want to have the best chance of a career as a programmer.
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    > Well i want help because , i dont know anything about computer language
    Learning to program is not the same as learning a programming language.

    The "how" covers a wide variety of subjects from requirements (what you want), design (how you're going to do it), along with choosing appropriate algorithms and data structures. Concepts such as sorting for example are independent of programming languages, so once you know what sorting is, and how to use it, using it in any particular language isn't that much of a problem.

    Which language you choose to learn with is pretty arbitrary - any which supports structured programming will do. An old analogy of mine is the car you learn to drive in is not the same as the car you choose to drive.

    Once you've figured out the "how to program" step, applying it to most languages is pretty trivial by comparison (there are only so many ways you can write a for loop for example). Sure your first programs in a new language won't be elegant, but you'll know enough about the "how to program" to direct you in the right direction to achieve a result.

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